Our goal at CV Homes is to give our residents the ultimate property management experience by providing pleasant, professional, and honest service. We will work hard to maintain our commitment, and strive to exceed expectations every step of the way.

The following is a list of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). This information may answer many of your concerns in advance. Please, do not hesitate to contact our office if you have a question that is not listed.

Move-in Requirements

Your application has been approved and a showing appointment is under way? Here are the remaining steps to complete before moving into your new home:

  • Online Portal. Our staff will send an activation email to establish your new “online portal”. Your portal will be a vital resource in your time with CV Homes; from maintenance requests to rent payment, your portal can assist in many ways.
  • Lease Signing. Lease documents are sent electronically to the email that was provided on your application. Each applicant, using their own email, will need to sign & initial the lease in full.
  • Move-In Amount. Due on moving day is one month’s rent + security deposit and pet rent (if applicable). Please note, your online portal will appear blank and not reflect these amounts until after the move-in is complete. Prorates are automatically calculated by our system and will follow in the next month.
  • Utilities. Unless otherwise stated, utilities will be in your name. Please, contact the local area provider(s) to establish your account.
  • Renter’s Insurance. At this time is not a requirement, however it is strongly encouraged that you obtain a renter’s insurance policy to protect your personal property. The lease agreement does not provide coverage to tenants for damage to personal property, dislocation expenses, theft, tenant liability, or other types of loss.
  • Once All Items Are Complete. A local manager for your district can provide you with access to the home. Entry may be by appointment with our staff; or, if unavailable, we will send an email/call/text with access to the onsite lockbox.


  • Pets. To add/remove a pet please email residents@cvhomes.com to notify the office. (Monthly pet rent is $35)
  • Cable, Satellite, Weatherization. Most requests are approved pending professional installation. If your provider requires written consent – please, email residents@cvhomes.com in advance of any installation appointment so that we may review the documentation and send the request back in a timely manner. Any installation performed is an agreement with the participating provider and is an expense of the resident.

My lease is up and…

…I’d like to stay in this home!

If the landlord is interested in offering a lease renewal – CV Homes will contact you approximately 30-60 days prior to your lease termination to communicate the new terms. You may also contact CV Homes during this time to initiate the process. If no renewal is signed, and no proper notice received by either party, then the lease will automatically convert to a month-to-month term at a holdover rate.

…I’d like to transfer to another CV Homes location.

CV Homes would love to keep you in our network. Near the end of your current lease visit the CV Homes webpage to view upcoming listings in your area. If your find another location that holds your interest – please, email applications@cvhomes.com for a transfer request. Note that these requests are evaluated, by management, with regard to rental requirements, payment history, availability, and current applications. In most cases, no application fee will be required for existing residents on file.

…I’m moving out.

We require tenants to give 30-day written notice. The 30-day notice can be served at any time for a month to month agreement or 30-days prior to the expiration of a lease for a lease term agreement. Please, email residents@cvhomes.com to contact our office and put in your notice.

Security Deposit

The security deposit is used to cover any needed cleaning or damage to the property and cannot be disbursed prior to vacating the property (It cannot be used to pay final rent). Deposit Accounting will be sent to the appropriate parties postmarked no later than 21 days from the date of vacancy to a forwarding address provided to our office. If you have not provided a forwarding address: The Deposit Accounting will be sent to your last known address.