In an effort to better serve you, we have put together this explanation of the work order process along with some helpful tips for you to use when submitting your maintenance requests.

  • Be Specific. When submitting your work orders (i.e., if your sink is leaking: where is it leaking from? Is it leaking from the underside? From the faucet? Also, which sink is leaking? Kitchen? Bathroom?) This will help us send the correct vendor/technician to your home and allow him/her to be prepared when they arrive.
  • Upload Photos. Different materials, piping, wiring and layouts exist in each unique property. Help our staff to know the particulars of your home by uploading photos of the work to be done.
  • Submit only One work Order. When you submit several requests, it adds more work orders to the queue and causes the request to become delayed.
  • Time to Complete. Most work orders should be completed within three business days; unless, a specialized vendor or material is required.
    Please note: Regular online maintenance requests are only monitored during operating hours.
  • Appointment. Once your work order is received, we will contact the appropriate vendor/technician and have them reach out to you to schedule an appointment. When they contact you, your caller ID will not say “CV Homes” so please answer the phone so your appointment can be scheduled. If you do not answer, they will leave a message.
  • Due Diligence. If the vendor/technician does not hear back from you within three days they will be unable to complete your work order and we will be forced to close it out.
  • Don’t have a resident portal? Click the get started icon and submit your information for an activation link.


    Emergencies are defined as any condition that, if left unrepaired, may cause great bodily harm or property damage such as: fire, flood and/or uncontrollable water, electrical problems, smell of gas, etc.

    To report, call our office at (559) 579-1280 anytime. After-hours emergencies will be forwarded to a maintenance emergency line to be addressed immediately.

    Residents will be responsible for the following charges:

    • When sewer stoppage is caused by resident(s) placement of debris in line such as toys, tools, diapers, rags, sanitary napkins, excessive toilet paper, hair, etc.
    • If the resident fails to report necessary repairs – leading to further damage.
    • If the resident fails to meet a vendor for a scheduled appointment and there is a vendor charge.
    • If the resident’s pet causes damage to the property.
    • Any damage to the property caused by resident’s, guests or invitees.